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Why is Events Management Important?

Events Management Philippines
Events Management Philippines

In today’s business environment why is events management important? Specifically, is events management in the Philippines where it is undergoing a lockdown and limited physical interaction among different businesses?

Before the pandemic, business events management in the Philippines is rising. Venues in Metro Manila are full capacity. International business organizers are setting shop and have scheduled events in the country.

The events management industry is poised for another breakthrough year in 2020 in the Philippines and all over the world.

The Black Swan arrived

All is good until the black swan arrived – the Pandemic.

The business events management industry was put to a halt. No physical events are allowed. The industry lost billions of pesos lost in a short period of time. Globally, the loss is staggering. Without physical events what is the future for the events management industry?

Events Management Bounce Back

The lockdown dampened the spirit of the events management industry. But the clients need to meet and do business exist. This is the driving force the kept the flicker of hope for the business events management industry in the Philippines.

The clients need to conduct their general membership meetings, stakeholder meetings, annual association elections, product launches, VIP engagement meetings, sales meetings, training, conferences, and exhibitions

The pandemic and the lockdown could not stop the businesses to have events. They turned to online events as the tool to continue what they set to accomplish in 2020 and 2021.

Why is Event Important?

What happened in 2020 and happening at the moment showed why events management is important.

First, an event is a great communication tool for your consumers and members.

In this current crisis, communicating to your consumers and members is an essential action to keep your organization relevant.

Relevance is key during a crisis. Staying relevant in times of crisis will improve your brand value in the eyes of the consumers and members.

Second, an event provides the experience.

The experience the event provides is crucial in keeping your consumers and members engaged. Engagement is a necessary element to keep your organization and association ahead of the competition and industry.

Third, an event creates a community.

Creating an event that effectively communicates and provides experience to you consumers and members builds a strong foundation for a community.

A community is a bond that allows you to hold the hands of your consumers and members, and tell them, “We are in this together”.

Loyalty is hard to achieve but when you can create a community loyalty is possible. The most powerful marketing is word-of-mouth marketing by brand or association evangelists. An active and engaged community performs this function.

Why is Events Management Important?

If you do not have the skills to execute an event, your events management partner in the Philippines will do that for you.

They have the expertise and experience to execute in a successful and effective event that your brand and association badly needed.

By Orly Ballesteros
Operations Head