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Why Attending Professional Conferences in the Philippines is Important

If you are a first-timer or a long-time attendee of professional conferences in the Philippines, you need to learn this.

Professional conferences in the Philippines are an opportunity to receive different levels of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits that make attending professional conferences important.

1.   Networking

Science has shown that the most successful people are those who rely on the power of networking.

Your network determines your net worth is a precious adage one must keep in mind.

Professional conferences in the Philippines are a goldmine of valuable networks.

2.   Learn from the Experts

You will learn from experts who appear in public on a special occasion, one is through conferences.

I always look forward to listening to experts who I only have a chance to watch on YouTube or learn their ideas from reading their books.

This is the number one reason why I love attending conferences.

3. Meet Your Heroes

Some speakers are more than experts. They are your heroes.

Some of the memorable heroes I met and had a quick chat with were Tony Fernandez, CEO of Air Asia, Ram Charam, best-selling business author, John Maxwell, best-selling leadership author, Al Ries, best-selling marketing author and a lot of successful entrepreneurs and experts that I never thought in my million dreams I will have a chance to meet.

This is one important reason why you should attend professional conferences because you will never know when your heroes will suddenly appear.  

4.   Collaboration

In some professional conferences, there are activities or workshops. These provide a channel to be part of a team.

One of the recent conferences I am part of as moderator/facilitator is MICECON 2023 in Davao City.

The Tourism Promotions Board designed one of the programs for first-time attendees to gather. It is their onboarding to MICECON.

We divided the group into tables and facilitated different fun and meaningful activities that required member collaboration to win or implement the task.

I am happy to say that attendees enjoyed the collaborative activities. As a first-time moderator/facilitator of the activity, I was thrilled and blessed to be part of this onboarding.

5.   Engage in High-Level Discussions

The mere mention of high-level discussions or exchange of ideas gives me a chill. I love participating in this type of discussion. Sometimes, I am just in the corner listening intently and basking in the rays of different ideas flying around the room.

If you love to be with like-minded people discussing the hot issues of the day in your profession, attending your professional conference is a must.

6.   Taste Creativity

Attending professional conferences provides you with a taste of creativity in venue design, opening programs, speaker presentations, lunch and dinner entertainments, and closing programs.

Creativity is everywhere during professional conferences, and you don’t want to miss all of these.

7.   Cultural Immersion

If you are attending conferences located in provinces or different countries, be prepared to be delighted with the cultural offerings.

Every time I attend professional conferences outside Metro Manila and the Philippines, I am so grateful to breathe the cultural treasures of the place.

I never take these special moments for granted. I am sure you feel the same way too.

8.   Motivation and Inspiration

Man does not live by bread alone. Attending professional conferences makes you motivated and inspired.

A professional conference is a whiff of fresh air. It pulls you out of your cubicle. It gives you fresh perspectives. It lights the fire in your belly.

9.   Thought Leadership

Birds of the same feathers flock together. The members who have the courage and enthusiasm to share their ideas eventually become thought leaders.

I am a testament to that. I have been a speaker at numerous conferences. It is safe to say that I improved my reputation and business because of this undertaking.

I encourage you to do the same. Take baby steps and you will achieve it with time.

10. Career Advancement

If you are not after thought leadership, you can use attending conferences to advance your career.

Being exposed to cutting-edge ideas, trends, and practices gives you a competitive advantage when you go back to your office.

Use this newfound advantage to add more value to your organization. Once you do, you will be elevated to higher positions in your organization.

If not, adding the conferences to your CV will look valuable in the eyes of your next employer.

 In Summary

There are 10 compelling reasons why attending a professional conference in the Philippines is important.  They are networking, learning from experts, meeting your heroes, collaborating, engaging in high-level discussion, tasting creativity, cultural immersion, motivation, and inspiration, thought leadership, and career advancement.

We are humans, we are a social creature who thrives on connection and belongingness. Professional conferences allow us to feel a sense of community and belonging and share experiences.

Professional conferences in the Philippines are giver of these gifts. Remember never to miss a chance to receive it.

Always attend these professional conferences.