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Virtual Events Number One Challenge: Keeping Your Participants Attention

In a survey conducted by Hospitality Net with regards to the challenge of virtual events in keeping the participants attention among their 216,000 global LinkedIn followers the results are:

  • Around a third (33%) of respondents would like to see more interaction with the audience;
  • Another 25% want to see more relevant content;
  • and 24% find that events go on for longer than they need to.

Virtual Event Organizers in the Philippines must consider these three critical success areas (CSA). Some virtual event attendees already find it difficult to attend virtual events because they are not engaged. Worst part is that the content is not relevant making them believed that it is a waste of their time after the virtual event finished.

 Still, virtual event is on the rise. We have reached the tipping point of acceptance. As the pandemic continues to pillage the Philippines, associations and corporations find that one of the best ways to continue to conversation with their customers and members is the virtual event.

One of the best model for engagement is “Clubhouse”, an audio app that surprisingly is generating a lot of interests because of the engagement it provides with the attendees.

In addition, virtual events management companies in the Philippines are slowly realizing that it is not all about technology but event design. A design that encourages engagement thru relevant content.

For now the journey to achieve better customer experience in the virtual events continues.