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Virtual Events Management Elements that Philippine Online Events Must Have

This week we are now heading to another lockdown in the Philippines.

This makes virtual events management at the forefront for the next two weeks for companies intending to intensify their customer engagement.

Some of us are experiencing zoom fatigue and other online platform fatigue. The challenge is how to make virtual events more interesting. Everybody desire to make their virtual event compelling.

Here are some elements of virtual events that you can add or enhance to make them compelling:

  1. Event Venue Website

Don’t just make an ordinary website, make an event website that makes the attendees feel they are entering an event venue.

2. Event Registration

Make the registration easy. If you can make it a rewarding experience.

3. An Educational and Entertaining Live Presentation

Create a Live Presentation using the eye of a film director. Make it look like art. Don’t settle for the common and usual live presentations. Attendees’ eyes are already tired from old ways. They need to see something fresh.

4. Create a Creative and Rewarding Question and Answer session

Reward those that ask questions or elevate them to the stage alongside the speakers. There are a thousand ways to make this common feature of a virtual event spectacular.

5. Live Polling

Live polling provides insights. Most of us love the anonymity of live polling.

6. Raffles and Games

Make a learning session fun. Give something free. We love free and we love games. Make it part of your virtual event design.

7. Online Networking

We still wanted to get to know new people. We still wanted to network. After all, we are humans, a social animal that lives and breathes with other humans.

In Summary

The virtual events elements mentioned here are in no way exhaustive. They are fundamental elements that make virtual events in the Philippines a compelling tool for attendees and sponsors to support.