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Virtual Events are Here to Stay in the Philippines

We are few days before we celebrate the one year when the Philippines started its lockdown, and yet we are still back to square one. Last week, we have three consecutive days where we recorded 3,000 plus Covid patients. It will take years before we completely solve this Covid puzzle in our country.

This situation becomes a compelling reason for Virtual Events to be one of the best tools to customer engagement, brand promotion, and business meetings.

The inability of the current solutions to provide psychological confidence to the public and events loving consumers are forcing organizations to pour down their resources to virtual events. It is proving to be a wise decision.

Virtual Events in the Philippines is Here to Stay

At the moment, all the business event organizers are producing virtual events and some are planning to do hybrid events this year. All agreed that it is still not time to do a full blown physical events.

Globally, events that are cancelled last year are happening this year in the virtual space. This inclination to the virtual events show that 1.) We are not yet solving Covid-19, 2.) Virtual Event have advantages that physical event can’t provide.

Benefits of Virtual Event

There are a lot of things that are driving the increase usage of virtual events. Among them are:

  1. REACH – Virtual Events offer the potential to reach a wider audience. People that cannot travel in order to attend the conference, exclusive events held in an exclusive locations and other reasons related to distance are now solved because the event is held in a virtual space that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

2. CREATIVE CONTENT – the use of virtual space allows speakers to create content that is richer compared to physical events. The creative presentation has limitless possibilities because of the technology available.

3. REAL TIME ANALYTICS – The power of real time analytics provide easier analysis of the results of the event. The data that you can gather from virtual events are enormous and allow you to create better strategies on your next virtual event, and the cycle goes on.

Safety First

At the end of the day, the digital transformation we are experiencing in different industries and in the MICE and Events Industry is all brought about by safety issues that we have to grapple in our current time.

Attendees, consumers, business travellers, etc. are one in placing premium to their health as the main reason they are choosing virtual events as their top reason for attending virtual event.

Virtual Event is Here to Stay, Adapt or Perish

The ease of use, the better internet connectivity and affordable gadgets are at play in the flourishing virtual event.

In the Philippines, there are 74 Million internet users and 89 Million Social Media users. They are driving the companies to go virtual. Obviously, if your market is in the virtual space, why not follow them.

It is with these set of data that Virtual Event is here to stay. It will become a force in our marketing communication tools. For the MICE and events management industry when the right business models are discovered, it will be a battlefield that all industry players will compete and must win.