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Using RACI Framework in Events Management in the Philippines

RACI Framework

Miscommunication, overlapping of roles and responsibilities, overloading of roles and responsibilities to some personnel. These are just some of the common mistakes an event manager commits in implementing an event.

You may need to try and test project management tools to address these issues. One of the project management tools that can help in solving these mistakes is the RACI Framework.

Event Management is project management. You can use most of the tools in project management in your event management implementation.

RACI stands for the following:

Responsible – the person who is completing the task

Accountable – the person who is making decisions and taking actions on the tasks.

Consulted – the person who will be communicated with regarding the decision-making process and specific tasks.

Informed – the person who will be updated on decisions and actions during the event.

For example, you have an upcoming event and one of the tasks is venue selection. Michelle is Responsible. Michelle is under Marielle so she is Accountable. Orion is the project head and will release the budget,  he is the consulted. Last but not the least, Neo is the head of your event management company. He is informed.

There might be confusion even if RACI is being implemented or used in your events management company. In order to minimize or avoid it do the following:

  1. One accountable per task. No sharing of accountabilities for clarity.
  • Responsibles are implementors who balance the tasks to the number of people responsible. For example, the safety and security of the event should have the right number of people responsible.
  • Avoid a large number of Consults. Again, too many bosses will spoil the work dynamics. Worst, add more confusion.
  • Keep the informed updated. There is no such thing as overcommunication in events.

These are just a small set of how RACI can benefit your event management company.

RACI Framework plays a critical role in your success in managing conventions, exhibition, and Mega events. Practice and hone it inside your organization. Sooner than later, you will see the great value it adds in the overall performance of your events management company.