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Understand the Attention Span of Your Virtual Event Audience

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE ATTENTION SPAN. In this day and age where virtual events are prevalent, the main challenge of a successful #virtualevent is creating a program that is aligned with your understanding of your audience’s attention span.

Accept that besides listening to your online event, your audience has a lot of major distractions in his environment. Moreso, if your audience is based at home.

How do you make your virtual event stick? How do you keep your audience glued? How do you avoid just being another schedule in the google calendar of your audience?

These and other critical questions help you understand your audience’s attention span. Creating great content and having great technology help but the clincher is designing an event program that syncs with your audience’s attention span.

Keep it in your heart and you will be a great virtual event manager.


By Orly Ballesteros
COO, Exlinkevents