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Online Oath-Taking Management in the New Normal

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Welcome to the New Normal – or should we say, the Next Normal – where we experience limitations in holding events whether formal or social.

On this series of posts, we will explain our ideas in still making events happen despite quarantine limitations.

Oath-Taking is a formal event which serves as the start of something new. Regardless if the one who will take an oath is a new member to be inducted into an organization or a new set of officers ready to take on the challenge of maintaining one, oath-takings are important.

Oath-taking is a commitment – to exert best efforts in exercising a role. Will the New Normal affect this? Yes and no.

New Normal procedure in holding Oath-taking Ceremonies

Quarantine policies restrict mass gatherings from being held physically, but we at Ex-Link Events are ready to adapt this offline activity online.

Just like in a physical oath-taking ceremony, everyone is required to show their best, in attire and in gesture. Depending on the occasion, you can request everyone to wear a set attire prior to showing up on camera.

As with virtual meetings, there are rules to consider – everyone is required to mute their microphones if they are not speaking. Hearing the other party or even the host is much important as they carry the mood of the event. It’s a best practice only to open the microphone when talking.

Same with as physical oath-taking, those who will take an oath are required to be joined by their family as much as possible; but this time, they are advised to follow physical distancing. the ones who will take the oath are advised to have a copy of the oath so they can follow the leader.

As internet latency exists in a country like the Philippines, we do expect to have everyone finish speaking before the leader proceeds to the next phrase or line. Two to three seconds lag time is fine.

With almost two decades of events management, Ex-Link Events has adapted to the new normal by offering online event solutions which can be tailored for various needs, from webinars to conferences.

See our online events management solutions and request a proposal from us: Text 0920 924 2532 / 0920 981 4376 or email for more details.