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Online Event Management is Here to Stay in the Philippines

The online events management in the Philippines is here to stay!

This is the conclusion of most of the business event organizers in the country. The resolution of the pandemic is out of sight. While other countries are striving to go back to normal, they are derailed by the sudden increase of infected members of their population.

This is 2nd wave or 3rd wave is true recently in Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

It maybe wise for the private sector to continue their reliance to online events management as the best and safest avenue to meet and network.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) latest research showed that 88% of the Global Executives of the industry plan to assign a permanent staff or group to manage their online events.

Most of these executives plan to stage an online event alongside with their physical event. This ushers the age of Hybrid events.

Back in the Philippines, most organizations are now at eased with online events. They have seen the benefits that online events bring to their organizations.

It is safe to say, the behavior of the business events attendees and organizers have dramatically changed. Digital Transformation is a familiar sight.

Therefore, when the pandemic is over, we will see the proliferation of online and hybrid events.

Welcome to the New World.


Orly Ballesteros

by Orly Ballesteros
Operations, Exlinkevents