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Madaling Kausap, Masarap Katrabaho- Clients’ View on Online Events Manager in the Philippines

Online Events Management Philippines

For more than a year now, this pandemic allowed us to serve numerous clients. This year most of them are repeat clients. Some clients we are partner for more than a decade. Every after event or during light moments of conversation, they will always tell us ” we want work with you because you are ” Madaling Kausap, Masarap Katrabaho”

Madaling Kausap ( Easy to talk to), and Masarap Katrabaho ( a pleasure to work with) are two of the attributes best describe us – from the point of view of our clients.

For this reason, we are sharing it with you and the rest of the world.

Yes, we have event management and online technical skills honed for more than two decades. But what we can give you is the experience of working with someone flawlessly.

Working with it us is not without wrinkles. For one, implementing an online event demands a lot and requires that you attend to a lot of details.

However, what our client and, we are confidently saying is, no matter the level of difficulties that you and us encounter in the online event implementation to make it successful we will listen to you and do our best.

Best of all, you can have the assurance that we are “Madaling Kausap, Masarap Katrabaho”. A partner that you can talk with, confident that they are listening, assured that they will give you wise advise, and a sense of feeling that they have ownership of your event.

This is the experience that our loyal clients, and you can consistently have when we partner with you online events.


Orly Ballesteros

by Orly Ballesteros
Operations Head