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Lack of Technical Expertise as Reason for Failed Online Events

One of the top reasons why online events failed is the lack of technical expertise of the people involved. As companies realized that online or virtual events are effective marketing communication tool in getting a successful conversation with their customers, more companies will implement online events ( if this is not yet happening).

Yet, even if your team is from your I.T. department, it is still not a guarantee that they have the technical expertise. We have a client who went tapped our service because they I.T. department keep on failing them on the execution of their online events.

When we handled their event, and after the event, they are so happy. They are also confused why their highly paid I.T. department cannot do what we can do.

The answer lies in the technical expertise.

Their I.T. department has technological expertise but they do not have the technical expertise of an online events manager. Their I.T. think that a sufficient knowledge of the technology is enough to be successful in implementing an online event. We, on the other hand, think that the online audience experience and online content creation and execution are two of the most important aspect of the online events that we must “passionately” take care.

We ended having them as an annual client.

If you are planning to do an online event in the near future ( which is maybe next week or next month) remember that technical expertise is more than technological expertise.

It is still an event migrating to the online platform.