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Is Event Management Stressful in the Philippines?

Is Event Management Stressful in the Philippines?

Yes, it is!

Here are the top reasons why?

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes the demands of the clients are unrealistic. Some clients want you to deliver a great event with a very limited budget. Some event management companies in the Philippines, in their desire to survive, bite the bullet.

In most cases, it can be disastrous.

2. Short Time to Prepare

An event is made up of many moving parts. These parts need a generous amount of time to ensure it is done the proper way or the expected specifications are met.

In some cases, opportunities for an event manager to implement a great event come along the way but with only a short time to prepare.

Some event management companies can execute and deliver the results. Most event management companies don’t.

3. Limited Budget

Most event managers consider an event a masterpiece.

But how can you create a masterpiece if you do not have sufficient resources? Events do not grow on trees, you need to spend. The stress point of the event manager is how to create a masterpiece and at the same time profit from the effort, you gave.

4. Long Hours of Work

You need to log in long hours of work to make it happen. There is no room for being lazy. Some clients are too demanding that samples of posters, layouts, scripts, and other details must be delivered on short notice.

Time is not always on the side of the event management team. They do burn the midnight candles and toil until the wee hours of the morning.

5. You Do Not Have Full Control of the Event Design

Imagine when you are almost done with your event design but upon presenting it to the client for final approval it was totally revised. To think that your event design has undergone several meetings and revisions.

Even if you want to be angry you cannot. You bottle up your emotions because you value the business the client provides. This is one of the most stressful moments that you can repeatedly experience as an event manager.

Event Management is stressful but that is half of the picture.

If you embrace the stress and use it as a positive force to create memorable and profitable events, you can loudly shout to the world that you are an event manager and this is your passion and way of making people happy and shipping you art.