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How to Participate Successfully in Zoom Online Business Events

Zoom is the number one video meetings platform this pandemic. It has become a great app for online business event and meetings.

Here are some basic tips to remember to be successful if you are attending a Zoom Online Business Event.

1.Lights, lights, lights

Have you experienced listening to someone you can’t barely see in a Zoom Meeting? Are you engaged with the speaker with a bad lighting? How was the experience?

Oftentimes the distance between being a successful speaker in Zoom is the lighting.

Ensure that you have ample lights. Lights help you have a great visual representation of yourself. This is more critical if you are the speaker or one of the leaders in some of the meeting’s activities.

2. Check Your Background

Your Video Background says a lot about your personality. If you are in a Zoom business event, make sure that you have a neutral background or a business background as a sign of respect to the meeting.

First impression lasts. Remember this and always have an appropriate background on every Zoom meeting you are attending.

Lastly, if you are attending a conference or outside of the organization meeting, if they allow it, it is best to have a company background.

In this way, you promote your brand and you become focus on the meeting because behind and around is a professional background or logo that reminds you of your corporate culture.

3. Your Audio Matters

Make sure that you check the audio settings of your mic. A clear voice commands respect and increase your persuasion abilities. People are attracted to individuals with clear voice.

Present yourself by maximizing the power of your voice in a Zoom online business meeting. After that, expect to generate valuable network, closed deals, or increased perceived value. All of these benefits and more because you have a great mic, and a clear voice delivering a clear line of thought.

4. Wear Appropriate Dress

Even if you are attending a Zoom Online Business Event you still need to dress to impress.

Attending an online business event does not give you the freedom to wear sandos or other inappropriate dresses. You still need to dress the part.

Respect begets respect. It starts with the dress you are wearing during the online business event.

5. Mute When You are not Speaking

This is a common error among Zoom users. A costly error if you are not aware of it. Imagine disrupting a formal online business event and you are not even aware of it!

Avoid being rude always check if you are on mute when you are not speaking during an online business event.

6. Participate and Be Involved

Do not be a passive participant. Ask questions during the Q and A Segment. Chat with your colleagues I the program allows you. Join the games of the online event.

Your participation will make the Zoom Online Business Event successful for you and for the organizer as well.

You will gain a deeper understanding because of your participation. The time, money and effort you gave during the online event will be worth it.

7. Network, network, network

Whoever said that you cannot network and gain new contacts in an online event is lazy or do not know how to do it.

In a Zoom Meeting you can zero in with a particular person and chat him directly.

If the organizer allows meeting rooms for B2B grab the opportunity to network. Pandemic or no pandemic one of our basic functions to be successful is to network and get to know future business partners.

8. Take Down Notes

Taking down notes while the speaker is presenting is a good way to add value to yourself. Taking down notes of concepts and data that resonates with you during the Zoom Online Business Event is a great way to ensure that your investment of time, money and effort never goes to waste.

So always ready your pen and notepad in all the Zoom online business event that you are scheduled to attend.

9. Summarize your takeaways

Learning is not memorizing what the speakers say. Learning is putting in your own words concepts that you like and feel you can put into action tomorrow.

The problem with attending online business event is that the end of the online event is the beginning for you to implement concepts you learned and discover if it is feasible to your company’s growth.

10. Assess your Zoom online business event participation

We do not stop improving!

After you Zoom online business event meeting assess if you have maximized your participation. More importantly, if you have maximized Zoom as a platform in the online event that you have attended.

The journey to greatness is hidden in small details. Understand Zoom as an app, implement these principles and assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Our current world is an online world. Learn and improve your skills. Zoom is one of those apps that you have to master. Master it and be successful in all Zoom Business Online Events that you attended.