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Focus on What Matters in Your Event Management Journey

Focus on what matters in your event management journey.

It is easier said than done.

In one event there are a lot of details begging for your attention. In multiple events that you run from different clients, this gets more complicated.

Now what?

This may be the wrong question to begin with. It should be why am I doing this? Why am I in the event management industry in the Philippines? A country with local clients that are ultra-demanding.

If you know your why all else will fall into their proper places.

Trust me when I discovered my why I even surprised myself. I am now more than two decades an event professional. I still grind, I still am challenged by the different client demands.

The difference between before and now – I face challenges with a smile.

I know my Why and this placed me at the center of my gravity, and all chaos that swirls around me is a fun experience I gladly embrace.


Orly Ballesteros

by Orly Ballesteros, COO of Exlinkevents.