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Events Management Philippines and the Las Vegas Tragedy

The events management in the Philippines and the recent Las Vegas Tragedy has an implication for the way events managers and organizers will do their pre-event and actual event planning.

More so, on the aspect of Safety and Security and Site Management.

Although, at first look, the event managers and event organizers have no responsibility whatsoever in the Las Vegas Tragedy, the challenge is how to avoid such terrifying incident. And this is a big responsibility that event managers and event organizers must undertake.

All over the world, event managers and event organizers are taking into account TERRORISM as one of the key challenges in the Safety and Security Management and Site Management.

Terrorism is a very difficult challenge for events, but that is now the new reality for all event professionals. We have thousands and millions of lives to protect in all events being conducted.

In the Philippines, events management professionals are slowly becoming organized and the government becoming strict on the matters of safety and security management. However, there are still a large number of event managers and event organizers that neglect this aspect or just place a token of safety and security net in protecting their attendees and delegates.

Although we don’t like to make the recent Las Vegas event to be an example, nor we don’t like other events that suffered the same fate be used as an example, we can and must learn from these painful events, for in learning and creating actionable plans can we prevent these kind of tragedies from ever happening again.

Events Management in the Philippines is a growing profession. Some schools and local governments are recognizing this fact. In addition, the Philippines is an events loving people. The people of this country live and breathe the events as evidenced of the many Fiesta and Festivals that we have, the many conferences and expos that we encounter, and the many corporate and experiential events that we engage with.

Having said this, it is imperative for event managers and event organizers to be equipped and skilled in these two critical success factors that was mentioned above : Safety and Security and Site Management.

As an end, let us all be reminded of what Charles M. Hayes said, ” Safety First is Safety Always.”