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Event Management Trend in the Philippines That Did Not Happen in 2022

This event management trend that we predicted did not happen in the Philippines in 2022.

Trend: The Rise of Micro Events

Two months before the year ends, surprisingly the Covid-19 restrictions in the Philippines slackened paving the way for most companies and associations to do what they normally do during their events before the pandemic.

They create bigger events that gathered a large number of attendees.

Micro Events for most companies and associations mean 100 attendees at a minimum. While the rest are online. This is not the number that we expected when we mean micro-events.

However, we are happy that this trend did not happen or became prevalent this year.

Still, the inflation and poor economy may push this trend to take place next year. But let us see. So far the positive momentum of the event industry in the Phillippines is bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.