Event Management Philippines – Your Go-To Partner

Event Management Philippines go-to partners are a necessity to have.


The Ber Season is almost here. As the company’s point person in your corporate event management like your Christmas Party creation, you will again face numerous stressful challenges. Event Management in the Philippines is one

Event Management Philippines

of the toughest job one can have.

In fact, event planning is one of the pre-event tasks might prove complicated already.

More so, when you do not have enough manpower to perform the numerous jobs required to create an event.

You feel helpless and nervous because of this task. It seems insurmountable. It is like climbing the steepest hill while carrying a backpack full of rocks. The burden for you is too heavy.

If this is how you feel, we can help you. We can unburden you.


Exlinkevents is one of the leading event management companies in the Philippines expert in the field of business events like Expo, Conferences, Seminars, Association Events, Trade Missions, and Business Parties ( which include your Company Christmas Party).

Exlinkevents is a 17 year old event management company in the Philippines. Our wealth of experience and expertise we make you relaxed and de-stress you even if the demands of implementing events are high. Because truth be told, we will be the one to carry the load for you. And we will carry the load and deliver the results you expect and your bosses expect in the event that you envision.

We are serious of our assurance. In fact, the MICE News Philippines declared us as the Event Management Company of the Year last 2016. A testament of how we love and are passionate about our profession and in taking care of the events of our clients.

Event Management Philippines is a brand in a growing industry that are being performed by different departments in the company. You as one of the main players in your company in the event management arena are aware of this. This awareness gives you the recognition to partner to become successful, because there is no other way but this way.

Having said this, you can visit our site or call us at Tel.no. 633-0153 | 643-3887 or email us at info@exlinkevents.com, so we can start HELPING YOU on your upcoming event.