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Diary of an Online Events Manager

Behind the scenes of any event, whether physical or online, there’s always the preparation stage. This is the hardest part of any event next to the actual execution. Sometimes, you need to whip up something from nothing.

We’re going to share a page from a diary of an online events manager who had a successful webinar last week:

Dear Diary:

One day preparation. Almost no sleep. Sulit naman.

You always say in a finished event you could have done better. Lalo na sa state of our internet connection.

Every time you give your heart, and your team tried so hard to overcome the herculean task (naks what a word 🙂) and clients are thanking you, you can say Sulit ang pagod.

Dapat naman always give your heart and remind me nga that I just said yesterday that Murphy is lurking around and trying to strike the least you expect him.

Alas, all you can do is manage and get back at Murphy the best way you can. Practice, Focus, Learn, Repeat.

Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,” and the only thing needed is to adjust. Be the bamboo that sways with the wind and still stand tall afterwards; be sturdy boat that keeps itself afloat amid chaotic waters.

That’s just a piece of the manager’s story – and there might be more soon.