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Davao Will Become A Go-To-Venue for MICE Events

In the past two months, I went to Davao under the Philippine MICE Academy to conduct training. I have been visiting Davao for the past years, in the past two months where I stayed for a total of 5 days, I am impressed with the development that took place in Davao.

with DAVAO MICE Stakeholders

Add to this dynamic the people of Davao who have the enthusiasm, energy, and now, skills, to handle MICE Events. It is easy to conclude that you have the makings of a great venue where MICE Events can be held the whole year round.

Philippine MICE Academy Mentors

The Davao infrastructures, the skilled and service-oriented people, and the growing economy in Mindanao are attractive features that cannot escape the eye of MICE Event Organizers like me.

I am privileged to see this development and experience the talented and kind hearts of the people of Davao. Last but not least contribute to the skills development of the MICE Stakeholders in the province.

Davao MICE Training Attendees

I am confident in my prediction that Davao will be a location in the Philippines to reckon with in terms of winning bids for bigger events.

This coming MICECON 2022 is set this November 16-18, 2023 at SMX Lanang and other venues in Davao. I am excited to experience and witness the execution of our industry’s event in the King City of the South.

I am rooting for its success because I know it will only speed up my belief that Davao is MICE Ready and MICE Excellent choice for international and local business event organizers.