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Conference Management Philippines: 12 Performance Success Indicators

In conference management in the Philippines, if you don’t aim for something, you will hit nothing.

Conference Management in the Philippines is based on performance. The conference is a failure if the performance success indicators are not met. The amazing execution is meaningless. At the end of the day, conferences need to achieve several targets set by the conference owner and conference management team.

Here are some of the Performance Success Indicators in conference management in the Philippines:

Attendee Management

  1. Number of Registrations: Tracks overall interest and marketing effectiveness. Registration number is important measurement in showing how needed your conference is. In addition, registration number shows how effective your promotion mix are.

2. Attendance Rate: Compares registrations to actual attendees, indicating potential last-minute cancellations or no-shows. The rule is a sale is not a sale when the payment is in your account and the attendees appear in the actual event.

3. Demographics of Attendees: Helps understand who attended and if the target audience was reached. You can create a better program design and experience if you know the demographics of your attendees.

Attendee Engagement and Satisfaction

4. Session Attendance: Shows which topics resonated most with attendees. Successful content are content that garnered majority of the attendees. You can duplicate this in the future if you have previous data.

5. Survey Results: Feedback through surveys on content, speaker quality, and overall experience. The voice of the attendees are important. You can serve them better if you know what they want.

6. Social Media Activity: Measures brand mentions and engagement during and after the conference. Social media is prevalent. Conference with a strong media presence is a strong brand becoming stronger as time goes by.

Business Impact of Conference in Philippines

7. Lead Generation: Tracks the number of leads captured from attendees.

8. Sales Conversions: Measures if leads from the conference convert into sales.

9. Sponsor Satisfaction: Feedback from sponsors on the value they received.

Return on Investment of Conference Sustainability

10. Total Revenue: Includes ticket sales, sponsorships, and any additional income sources.

11. Total Costs: All expenses incurred in organizing the conference.

12. Profit: Revenue – Costs

The Data Driven Conference Management in the Philippines

The fast paced environment where conference in Philippines operates requires conference organizer to be adept with data.

Conference organizer must practice and put into heart the achievement of the12 performance success indicators. Conference organizer is assured of event sustainability and growth when performance success indicators are achieved.