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Attendee Experience in Events Management

Most events management companies in the Philippines are focused on the technical aspect of the event. You can see it right now, event management companies focus on learning different virtual technology.

However, attendees of this webinars and e-conferences are not happy!

One of the reasons, a bad attendee experience or none at all. Since the focus is the event technology, event managers forgot the attendee and their concerns.

For starter, the attendee is the reason why there is an event. Their positive review of the event determine its future. A repeat business spells profitability and growth potential.

This is the reason that in the global arena, attendee experience (AX) is the main focus of events management companies.

AX is now the new battlefield that events management companies compete. AX means studying and understanding the attendee journey and creating the right attendee journey map that delight.

Since AX is a concept new to the events management companies in the Philippines, the challenge is not only to become a good event manager but a great AX Designer.