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8 Lessons I Learned from MICECON 2023

The MICECON 2023 was one of the best MICE Events that I attended. MICECON is an event where MICE Professionals in the Philippines gather to discuss trends and best practices in the industry.

Here are the 5 Takeaways I learned from this year’s MICECON.

  1. Keep it Human

Amidst the technological developments that are dominating business events in North America, Europe and some parts of Asia what is sometimes forgotten is that the attendees are humans.

Human interaction with other humans is the heart of business events. We should always do an event design that keeps this truth on top of our minds.

  • Sustainability is Key

Business Events promote social and economic gains. However, most of the time it is to the detriment of the environment.

It is time to find a balance between social, economic and environment. We must reduce our carbon footprints and other aspects of our activities that will save our environment.

Even if we grow our social and economic gain that will be nothing if we destroy our environment. It is time to evolve from being a plain event organizer to becoming a sustainable event organizer that puts premium on taking care of the environment.

  • Be Proud of Your Culture  

What makes MICECON Davao so special?

Attendees get to experience the unique culture of Davao. Davao boasts 11 tribes, and this is showcased during MICECON. Attendees were immersed to this wonderful culture and amazing people.

This is also why MICE is such a great sub sector of the tourism industry. You get to place your cultural heritage at the center of your event.

  • Make Your Event Fun

I have a confession to make, I am a fun-loving guy. In fact, in all the events we organized I always include fun as one of my signatures highlight the attendees will never forget after the event.

MICECON since the beginning is a fun event. I always look forward to the Attire of the Day. It is an event that we can do Cosplaying. Best of all, the organizers select a winner every day and provide awesome prizes.

When you make your event fun the attendees’ engagement and satisfaction increased. At the end of your event, they have formed a lot of positive and good memories which they will bring home.

In fact, they will remember and hold dear your event as one of the best moments of their business events experiences.

  • Give Importance to New Attendees

Do you remember your first time attending an event? I do and I felt out of place in the middle of a group of people who almost know each other.

Luckily, MICECON gives importance to new attendees. There is a session for first time attendees, and it is full of activities and cool prizes. Best of all, the atmosphere is so friendly that you get to know a lot of people in the one hour and thirty-minute session.

This year, I was privileged to be the facilitator of the session. I had so much fun and was confident that the session left an indelible mark to the minds of the new attendees.

  • Be Authentic

The MICECON Davao did not pretend to be something else. It presented the event the only way it knew. The ambiance and the theme of MICECON is painted with Davao and Mindanao culture.

We greatly appreciated this because that is what we are looking for!

Authenticity is important because it lets your audience develop a deeper connection with your event. Connection that develops to confidence and satisfaction.

Being authentic is a great differentiator in the eyes of the audience. During MICECON, I feel the importance and the power of authenticity in making attendees delighted.