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8 Expo Management Success Strategies in the Philippines

Expo is one of the best ways to showcase products and services, network with industry professionals, and generate new leads.

However, it is very difficult to execute. Moreso, if you are not a dedicated expo organizer. Having said that you can tap the services of expo management in the Philippines. There are only a few that are experts in this field. So be careful when you are looking for one.

But before that, you have to make sure you also know about expo management. Here are 8 success strategies that you can keep to your heart to ensure you are happy about the results of your expo.

1. Define Your Goal

What do you hope to achieve through this expo? Do you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or network with industry professionals?

Defining your goals will allow you to have a clear mind on what and how your expo will take shape. Without a clear goal, your expo is in jeopardy and the rate of failure is high.

2. Choose Your Venue

In the Philippines, Pasay is the heart of the expo because of SMX and World Trade Center. But it is very difficult to secure a schedule for these two venues.

Do not lose hope! There are other venues that are popping up around Metro Manila that you can use as your expo venue.

The key is that your venue should be accessible, and have other establishments that are critical for the logistical and entertainment needs of the exhibitors and visitors. A venue with good traffic is also a big plus.

Never forget, the wisdom of location, location, and location is true to the success of your event.

3. Create a Marketing Plan

A colleague of mine once mention an expo that you created without marketing is like a gift you prepared but failed to give.

Your marketing plan allows you to identify your target market, be more specific on your message and communication campaign, pricing strategies, and type of location to name a few.

A good marketing plan will pull your target market towards your expo.

4. Get Exhibitors

The main lifeblood of your expo is your exhibitors. Your marketing plan helps you in identifying and offering them the value you believe they need in growing their business. Hence, they need to participate in your expo if they want to enjoy the benefits you created for them.

5. Create a Well Planned Expo Layout

One of the sources of problems in the expo is the layout. You can avoid this by making sure your layout is scaled in relation to the venue. You double-checked the accuracy of your layout. Last but not the least, your layout follows the common sense of what a good layout is in relation to the attendee’s behaviors during expos ( time is a great teacher when it comes to discovering the peculiar behavior of expo visitors.

6. Design a Schedule

Your expo should allow different activities to flourish. Your expo schedule should allow time for buyers to move around and make transactions with your exhibitors, and to listen and watch the different activities you prepared for them in the stage area or other break-out rooms.

7. Provide Great Customer Experience

In the age of experience economy, you have to be on top. On top of how to provide a great customer experience during the pre-event, on the actual day of your expo, and post-event.

People forget what you said but people remember how you made them feel during your expo.

8. Get Feedback from Your Exhibitors and Attendees

After you expo, your job does not stop. You have to get feedback from your exhibitors and attendees. The data that you will collect will be valuable from your next expo schedule. It will tell you what to improve, add and innovate in relation to satisfying your exhibitors and attendees.

Start or Get Your Expo Management in the Philippines Now!

Now that you know the 8 success strategies to make your expo successful, it is time to start now or get your expo management in the Philippines. Keeping in mind these 8 success strategies will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your expo.