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76% of Global Business Event Organizers Will Not Abandon Virtual Events After Pandemic

Virtual Events Management Philippines

76% of the Global Business Event Organizers will not abandon virtual events after the pandemic. This is the consensus in the research conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) – a non-profit professional organization for the marketing, promotion, and importance of exhibitions.

The pandemic forced the business event organizers to shift to virtual event, 86% of the respondent of CEIR across the globe pivoted to virtual event to continue serving their clients and implementing their shows.

The availability of vaccines this year 2021 did not changed the minds of the business event organizers, as they plan to continuously experiment and become good in implementing and maximizing the virtual event.

In the Philippines, the same is happening. Business event organizers are upskilling their virtual event capacities in order to serve their market and implement the cancelled shows last year.

Exlinkevents, of the business event organizers in the Philippines, successfully pivoted to online events management and online events production. They have been serving corporations, government agencies, business associations and organizations in their expo, conferences, webinars, social gatherings like alumni homecomings, election. They also help in some corporate product launches.

As the situation gets better, virtual events and physical events become complementary. Hybrid events become a normal requirement in business event.


By Orly Ballesteros
He is the current Operations Officer Exlinkevents, Education Head of the Philippine Association of Convention and Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS). Lastly, he is currently, the Board Secretary of the Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP).