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5 Tips to Keep Your Online Event in the Philippines Engaging

Online Events in the Philippines are here to stay!

Despite a portion of society feeling the zoom fatigue, the benefits of online events are undeniable. Affordability, fewer carbon footprints, and ease of use are just some of the benefits of online events in the Philippines.

Here are 5 tips to make it engaging.

1. Gamification

Everybody loves games. Creating games inside your event and offering prizes will surely generate excitement among your attendees.

2. Small Group Discussions

It is hard to listen for a very long hour. You need and it is a must to solicit participation from your attendees. A small group discussion via breakout rooms will allow you to activate even those who are at first disinterested.

3. Offer a Cash Prize

Cash is king!

No matter the amount you are offering for the audience to win they will be spurred to take action and participate. Use the power of the cash wisely!

4. Reverse Q and A

Instead of calling the attendees to ask their questions, how about calling their names and asking them questions like what they enjoy the most in your event or what is not clear in the topics you have discussed?

They will definitely give a piece of their mind once you do this.

5. Offer a Photo Booth

Memory is life.

A customized photo booth that your attendees can use to share your event on their social media. By experience, Filipinos love to take photos. This is one of the blockbuster features that you can offer in your event.

In my experience, It never fails.


Orly Ballesteros

by Orly Ballesteros, Operations Head of Exlinkevents