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5 Key Success Factors of Virtual Events

In an article published in Forbes.Com, globally, the virtual events industry was worth nearly $78 billion in 2019. This space is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027. 

The data shows an upward and unstoppable growth of virtual events. In the Philippines, this virtual events is common and signs that it is becoming the preferred marketing communication tool is becoming evident by the day.

Here are Key Success Factors of running a virtual event.

1. Understanding Your Audience

Understanding the needs of your audience and creating virtual event objectives that revolve around their needs is the first success factor. The more you understand their needs the better you can design the event that address their needs.

Talk to them, research about them. Go back to the basics of marketing of understanding your target market.

2. Design an Educational and Entertaining Content

Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Majority of the audience are at home with a lot of distractions happening at the same time. How will you keep them glued to their screens to consume and participate in your virtual event?

Create a program that educate and entertain. Virtual audience need to feel they are not inside a boring meeting. They need to be inspired. They need to laugh. They need to talk with other attendees. Keep these in mind when your are designing the program.

3. Surprise Your Audience

The element of surprise is one of the best weapons you have to make your virtual event memorable. Create an on the spot contest, raffles or games. Deliver event giveaways , swag bag or food before lunch, afternoon snacks or dinner. In any way you can think of surprise your audience.

Surprise them, execute properly the surprise, you will be sure to generate tons of positive feedbacks and a lot of love from your audience.

4. Use the Right Technology

Use the right technology. Hint : it should be easy to use and audience are comfortable when using it. There are thousands of event technology but don’t be swayed to the bells and whistles of the different event technology offer.

You must be wise in deciding the right technology. The right technology is the one that enhance the customer experience of the audience. Number one in the customer experience of the audience is ease of use. Let this idea guide you in your decision making.

5. Place the Right Event Professionals

Place the right event professionals. Lately, there are technology providers that act as event professionals and organizers. Some of their clients that tap them came to us seeking help. The reasons of the dissatisfied clients vary. Still, you can sum all of them to the lack of knowledge of the technology providers on how to do even management.

Event Management is a skill that cannot be learned in a short period of time. Event Technology suppliers are event technology suppliers. They have different skills set compared to event management professionals.

In order to be successful in your virtual events, tap an event management organization that manage and organize virtual events. This will save you time and spare you from the stress of having a virtual event that may have the best technology but poorly executed.

In summary, virtual events is on the rise and if you want to be successful in this field remember to give special attention to the 5 Key Success Factors of running a virtual event.


By Orly Ballesteros
COO, Exlinkevents