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5 Bad Zoom Habits To Break In 2021 Online Events

Happy New Year! Everyone must be doing their New Year’s resolutions at this moment. While you do yours, let us remind you that we’re in this Zoom meeting mode for the foreseeable future, so kindly take note of the 5 bad Zoom habits to break in 2021 online events.

Keeping your Zoom open even after the meeting ends

After each meeting or online event, by all means you should leave the Zoom room immediately. This will make it easier for the host/s to end the meeting without feeling rude that they had to remove you from the meeting or ending the meeting abruptly.

Here’s why: If they remove you from the meeting, it will be harder for you to enter future meetings hosted by them.

Let’s treat Zoom meeting rooms as we treat physical ones by leaving the meeting room as the meeting ends..

Not putting the camera in the correct position

Most of you use cellphones to access meetings, so this one’s especially for you to take note of.

Imagine this: You only have the most menacing, dominating look in the meeting as your camera is placed in the wrong position.

You can easily change the mood by changing the camera position to be at the same level as your eyes. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and by positioning your camera lens in the same level using a stand, you will look much more professional and cool at the same time. Pretty neat, huh?

Poor Lighting

Most of your peers have realized that they are in the Zoom meeting mode for a long time, so they got themselves ring lights – some of them even bought studio-grade LED lights. Better lighting adds a better mood to each meeting.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark – add more lights to your camera setup. By that we mean you need to add that to cart. Now.

Having a messy background

Having neat surroundings – especially a clean background – adds a more professional look, and combined with the recommended things we mentioned above, you now have a good camera setup perfect for recording your speech.

Still having a slow internet connection

A good camera setup won’t work in a Zoom meeting if you don’t have the best connections. One thing you need to remember is that Zoom requires a decent amount of upload bandwidth to work well, not just download bandwidth.

A 2mbps upload and download internet speed is the most optimal, but do check your ping – the lower the ping in milliseconds, the better.

The higher the ping, the bigger the lag – and lag is every gamer’s concern, so much that when they chat “lag!,” you know what’s up.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this post, we hope these pointers help you as you continue to attend meetings and online events in 2021. Looking forward to your great shot in the group photos! Say cheese!