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10 Tips for Successful Event Management in the Philippines

It is the season of different events taking place in the Philippines.

The Ber season brings a lot of social and business events. As an event management company in the Philippines, how will you know you are successful in your event management role?

Here are my 10 Tips to become a successful event management company during the Ber Season.

1. Understand the Objectives of Clients

It is the first thing that you have to do as an event management company. Ensure that you understand the client’s event objectives. Deliver them in the best possible way that you can.

2. Communicate and Respond Immediately to Clients’ Inquiries and Requests

During the pre-event phase, you have to communicate constantly with your client. Attend and respond immediately to their inquiries and requests. There is no better way to show that you care for their event than communicating to them all the progress and preparations you are making to ensure the success of their event.

3. Be Truthful and Honest

Sometimes clients request additional tasks beyond your event management contract. If it will not cost you maybe you can fulfill it. But if it will cost you, be truthful and honest. This prevents your client from asking for excessive favors. In return, they will also appreciate your candor. This can open the door for a deeper and long-term relationship.

4. Be Flexible

The event is organic. The details are not cast in stone. Accept that some events will have major changes. Sometimes it will happen when you have finished all the details before the event day. Be understanding. This is the nature of the event management industry. Things happen beyond our and the client’s control. Adjust and serve.

5. Under Promise, Over Deliver

Surprise is the element that gives the client a magical experience with your event management. If you can go the extra mile without an effect on your profitability – do it. A happy client will repeat and give you more business.

Lastly, word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool. A good impression spreads like wildfire. Soon enough you will find clients knocking at your door because of that one client whom you gave your best, more than they expected.

6. Practice, practice, practice.

Event management success relies on seamless execution. This is possible if you practice, practice, and practice the implementation of the program. Practicing the implementation of your event gives you confidence. It gets you closer to perfection.

7. Act as a Consultant

The reason the client is hiring you is because of your experience and competence. The client may own the event but you know better than the client. Do not act as a supplier! Act as a consultant and provide guidance to your client. Even if they did not solicit your opinion. Remember your event management reputation is at stake in the outcome of your client’s event.

8. Know the Audience or Attendees of the Event

Your deeper knowledge of the audience or attendees will help you how to satisfy them. The satisfaction of the audience or attendees translates to the satisfaction of your client. If you do not know the audience or attendees, you will fumble or miss the mark. Do your homework. It will help you create an event that will make them excited and look forward to attending next year.

9. Assemble a Great Team

You cannot do it alone. Even Superman needs the Justice League to win. A great team will help you execute all the details of the event. It will help you achieve and satisfy your client.

10. Get Feedback and Do an Assessment

As we say in our company, you are only as good as your last performance. Each event that you manage offers new learnings and improvements.

No event is the same. Even if you have experienced a wide range of conferences, seminars, or exhibitions you can still gain a lot of insights. The room for improvement is never-ending.