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10 Elements of A Successful Virtual Event

Virtual Event in the Philippines is here to stay! This is not an understatement but a reality we have to accept and adapt.

A lot of us are now well acquainted with virtual events as an attendee. As virtual event manager in the Philippines, there are a lot of elements to consider in staging a successful virtual event. According to CVENT, here are 10 Elements of a successful virtual event.  

  1. Event website

You need an event website where attendees can go and register or get more information about your event. If content is king, your website is the home of the initial content that will persuade your target attendees to participate.

  1. Event registration

Your event registration is like cart of your event where attendees can provide their information and pay their participation. Consider this your check-out tool in order to complete the sale of your event.

  1. Live presentation content

Your virtual event app must have the capability for live presentation. There are a lot of apps available to execute your live presentation. Choose according to your objectives, expectations and budget.

  1. Live, one-way audio/video

Live audio and video capability is a must in your virtual event. Again, different platforms are available. Choose wisely. A great audio and video capability is critical to the success of your virtual event.

  1. Question and answer

One of the best ways to create engagement with your audience is the Question and Answer Segment. Always make this one of your key success areas in you virtual event. The more you can stimulate your attendees to participate during the Q and A segment the high the possibility that you can make your virtual event is a huge success.

  1. Live polling

Live polling gives two benefits. First, it gives attendees an valuable insights to a question asked for the group. Two, it gives the virtual event organizer valuable insights to the state of mind of the attendees.

Use this in all of your virtual events.

  1. Note taking/favorite slides

Give the attendees the power to have the slides of the speakers. If your virtual app allows for a customized note taking feature it will be better. These element gives attendees bang for their buck. It allows them to write their key takeaways on each presentations and speakers

  1. Recorded content

I favor the recorded content. In the Philippines, signals are not stable. A recorded content allows for seamless virtual event. It can also be edited and be presented better.

  1. Interactive video conferencing

We are humans. Despite our inability to physical meet it is not an excuse for virtual event not to be interactive.

Interactivity among speakers and delegates, and delegate to delegate is one of the core feature of events. This core feature never disappeared when we pivoted to virtual event. Hence, always make your virtual event interactive.

  1. Feedback surveys

We are all part of a journey. A journey to discover what is an effective virtual event. Therefore, feedback surveys are important to continuously improve the virtual event execution.

In addition, we can all agree that the more data we can collect for a just-concluded virtual event the better we can serve attendees in our next virtual event.