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The booming events industry placed the event manager at the magnifying lens of the believers and nonbelievers.

Event Managers plan, organize, direct, control and manage events. He ensures that the clients’ objectives are achieved.

Some of the event managers duties and responsibilities are:

Pre Event: Event Planning, Event, Budgeting and Contract Preparation, Event Designing, Event Marketing, Event Logistics, and Event Risk Management

Actual Event: Event Operations Management, Event Program Implementation, Attendee and Visitor Management, Speaker and VIP Management, Sponsors and Partners Management, and Safety and Security Management.

Post Event: Event Evaluation and Assessment.

In order to fulfill these duties and responsibilities some of the skills, the Event Manager must learn and/or master are Managerial Decision Making, Organizational and People Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Business Psychology, Accounting, Space and Design Management and a lot more.

The traits and characteristics that he must possess are Results Oriented, Values Integrity, Detailed-Oriented, Team Oriented, Good Communicator, Sociable, a Leader and a Manager, Continuous Learner, Passionate and Driven.

At a glance, it seems impossible to have all these pre-requisites to be an event manager. But studying all the event managers, they have these and more. The only difference is that some are stronger in some aspects of these requirements.

If you want to be an event manager, you must accept the fact that you must continuously learn and improve your craft ( Kaizen).

You must strive for perfection or continuously strive to better yourself since you are only as good as your last performance. This is a saying that resonates to all event managers that are successful.

Event Managers have the humbleness to accept the reality that they do not know everything but that they must know these things to become better at their job.

In this day and age, event managers are becoming precious talents. They make the impossible possible.

But most important of all, they bring to life the clients and organizations visions, dreams and aspirations which in the long run impacts the economy of the city and the country.


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