What is Event Management | Event Management Philippines

There are a lot of definitions with regards to event management I wanted to add to this voluminous literature and add my event management definition.


For me, Event Management is a the science of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, motivating and rewarding people or staff to attain the vision and  objectives of the event producer or client aimed at creating value to a particular brand, customers, and society.


Event Management is Planning

I always believe in the saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is so true in my numerous experiences. Oftentimes, the margin of success is dependent on the number of details that your plan has in implementing to reality an event.


Event Management is Organizing

The top reason a client hired or tapped you is because you are organized than him. Therefore, you have to be organized in its truest sense. For a start, you must have an organizational structure that defines clear roles and responsibilities to different key result areas.

There is always a saying, the buck stops here. It means in an organizational structure you must know the person that is responsible for the failure and success of a key result area.

I always delegate to a single person a particular job. I do not subscribe to duplication so that I will know who is responsible and needed to be coached. Also, I found out that when a person knows that he is the main owner of the job he performs well.

Event Management is Directing

I love the saying “A leader of the Orchestra must always turn His Back to the Audience”. For me, a leader must make stars out of the supervisors and staff in an event. He must direct them like the conductor to create harmony and order in what seems to be a chaotic and mission impossible affair.

Directing is crucial and it is an art and a science that best acquired through years of practice.

Event Management is Coordinating

Everybody in the event should be a great coordinator. A great coordinator is a great communicator. Communication is the key to have a clear coordination. Since there are a lot of elements that needs coordinating, one must work hard, must have patience and persevere when sometimes things don’t work out right or a particular supplier or member of the team is not cooperative or simply inept to perform the assigned task.

Event Management is Motivating People

Events are made up of people. Most of the times, loyalty of the people must be gained in order to ensure that all elements of the event will go well because the people assigned in those areas believe and respect the leaders.

In addition, events are hard to execute, most especially, mega events therefore a great leader is a great cheerleader.

Event Management is Rewarding People

Leaders must reward all member staff that contributed in making the event a resounding victory. The reward is what makes staff enjoy the events. In our organization, we eat out; we go out of town, and reward achievers. This activity allows staff to look forward to another hard but rewarding experience of doing again another challenging event.

This is just describing in general what event management is, I will go into details in the coming days about this definition in more scientific and example laden write-ups.

Event Management is Creating Value for the Brand, Customers and Society

Events are becoming a powerful tool for companies to communicate their brand’s effectiveness, encourage and excite their customers to use repeatedly the brand, and create economic impact to a particular place or society in terms of economic activity.

Events Management is here to stay. The more we put into the heart the definition that I am suggesting the more we can create better events, better value to all the stakeholders involved in the creation of the event