“Being Legit” in the Events Management industry

In the age of information where people can promote almost everything online even without authenticity, there exists events that are aimed to entertain or amuse people – but in some cases, certain people do believe these actually exists. At a time where fake news has become a household name, we are sharing a few tips on how to check if the event’s for real or a sham:

  1. Event Organizers and/or its staff can be contacted via landline (or in some cases, mobile). Calls to action aside, one way to see if the event’s legit is if they have full contact information and not just email addresses or social media handles. Event Management providers should have their landline/mobile numbers displayed in their contact details, a standard for promoting/marketing an event to its target sponsors and visitors.
  2. Check if the program or activity’s too good to be true. For conventions, announcing popular personalities as guests is a big deal for its fans. Event organizers can announce that Guest A will come to the event, but what makes this more legit is an announcement, message or a video from the guest itself – even a re-tweet from the guest’s official Twitter or a post on its’ official Facebook will verify it.
  3. Double-check with the event venue. The contact information for event venues are available online, so you should be able to contact them via landline or email and verify if there exists an actual event on a specified date. Do take note that event venues also has its own standards in how the venue should be promoted specifically.
  4. Event Organizers keep tabs on what others are saying. More than ever, event organizers also listen to the feedback of its sponsors, exhibitors and visitors on how it can improve the event next time. Chances are, you can see some of those feedback (whether good or bad) online.

To cap off the post, some event management providers in the Philippines also offer their event management services to other companies (corporate events, trade fairs, etc.), so do keep that in mind. We hope these tips help you determine the fact from the sham, so that you can set proper expectations for yourself. See you in the next events, and advanced Happy New Year to all!