Event Management Philippines: Innovations to make fans focus on the stage

Event Management Philippines: Innovations to make fans focus on the stage - Concert Crowd

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

This is a problem concert organizers are having in this time and age: Instead of enjoying the concert, fans are getting their cameras up as they record what is happening on stage “as their memento.”

Fans, there are problems from doing this:

  • Some individuals are selling photos taken inside concerts, and the ones on stage don’t get any share from it.
  • Misinterpretations may arise. If you are a comedian, your jokes will lose context. Once sent to the internet, it may lead to misinterpretations. You will be attacked online, and you will be forced to apologize for a message that was meant to be understood differently.
  • There are other fans at your back who won’t be seeing the full view of the concert just because you are raising your phone/camera so high that it is blocking the way.
  • Some artists aim to hold concerts that has an exclusive feel. By recording what they do there – worse, publishing it online – you are being rude to the artist itself.

There are innovations in Event Management that are being developed to mitigate this act:

  • “Apple has been awarded a US patent for a system that could disable iPhone cameras with infrared signals, allowing photography to be remotely banned in locations such as concerts and sensitive sites.” (PetaPixel)
  • “They (Yondr) do this by giving each audience member a pouch to lock away their mobile phones until the end of the show and these are only unlocked as they leave.” (Metro UK)

In the next decade, we can be sure that innovations that forces the audience to immerse themselves in their experience will be available to event organizers. For now, Event Management providers in the Philippines have to get used to the usual “No Cameras” signs.

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