Empowering your event management team

Happy Independence Day! Today, we are commemorating the day the Philippines announced its independence from the Spanish reign which held us for 333 years.

On this post, we will talk about your event management team. Event organizers have a team of people who can do things with minimal supervision. What does this mean? They can do quick decisions on things that are of minimal concern, such as the technical matters for booth exhibitors, requests for additional materials, the placement of various elements inside an event, et cetera.

This all roots down to one thing in mind: Knowledge is freedom. Event organizers, as with any company, gives their teams the independence to learn new things, to explore different places, and to an extent, impart knowledge to others. This way, they teach your team to teach aspiring professionals to be independent.

Going back to the 1800s, our ancestors weren’t provided that much education, limiting it to the privileged. Those who are privileged to be educated (Ilustrado) are eventually regarded to be the founding fathers of our independence once they get back to the homeland. This identity is reflected until now, and this is why our parents want us to go to school and learn things.