Kabuhayan Expo 2017

The Kabuhayan National Livelihood and Travel Expo is a 4-day event which showcases local products and services as well as knowledge-sharing seminars.

This annual event, which is being done for 16 years now, is a showcase of different local products and services of every region.

It is a multi-modal approach where micro small and medium entrepreneurs (MSME) are assisted, not only in promoting and finding a steady market for their merchandise, but provided with seminars and other pertinent information about business as well.

Exhibit Rates

4m x 4m Cluster

2m x 2m Corner Booth

2m x 2m Side Booth

Local Companies

* RATE valid for 4 days

PH₱ 40,000 + 12% VAT

PH₱ 36,000 + 12% VAT

Exhibit Registration

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